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Mr. Willson Guimont

Next Gen, Speaker

Willson Guimont is a G3 heir to an American real estate family with commercial and residential holdings across the United States. In the 1960’s, the family’s matriarch – Marie – took a risk and bought the family’s first apartment complex in Seattle, Washington. Without realizing it, Willson’s grandmother had planted the seeds for the family’s entrepreneurial passion and drive for generations to come.

Will – Willson’s father – continued to grow the family’s real estate empire by acquiring more residential properties and expanding into commercial properties in Seattle and Tennessee.

Forging his own path, Willson decided to move to Arizona at the age of 23 to start his own Airbnb business. With two multi-million dollar homes in Scottsdale as a start, Willson is well on his way to building his own short-term rental empire. Willson plans to continue buying as many properties as possible over the next 5-years… hear more about his exit plans during our Next Gen Panel in Vancouver.

In his spare time, Willson loves to golf, skydive, and go out with friends on the lake.