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Mr. Stephen Ibaraki

Chairman & Managing General Partner, REDDS Capital and Founder, UN AI for Good

Serial entrepreneur, investor, and futurist, Stephen’s accomplishments and global leadership positions with more than 100 programs / organizations and 300+ recognitions are too numerous to list. His leadership roles working daily with more than 1 million CEOs, Investors, Scientists with the world’s leading CEO, scientific, technical and financial organizations allow him a unique vantage point to oversee where transformative innovation and investments are heading in the coming years. Stephen is the visionary behind REDDS whose tireless work has positioned REDDS to take advantage of the globally unique superior intelligence received by the group.  As a small sampling representing under 1% of Stephen’s current activities, he is the:

  • Founder of UN ITU, AI FOR GOOD, adopted by governments, corporations, and academia, with 3+ billion reach, as the world’s largest AI innovation solutions program, startup Innovation Factory, and daily summit driving AI top innovative business solutions such as generative AI (BingAI, Microsoft Azure OpenAI, GPT4-5) across 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and empowering CEO-led impact programs for the benefit of humanity and Earth Ecosystems such as with KIN;
  • Founder of Fintech Ideas Festival, Technology Advisory Council, providing industry solutions ten years into the future for the top 100 CEOs representing nearly US $100 Trillion in managed assets where the CEOs invested in all the transformational tech solutions and startups identified from Stephen in 2015 including blockchain, digital identities, mobile financial services, AI/ML, cybersecurity, biometrics, 5/6G, quantum computing, future of fintech, future of the workforce, privacy and data analytics, personalization and precision services, new user/consumer experience from the confluence of the digital / physical / biological. Stephen directed the CEOs into execution focused working groups, monthly innovation forums, private summits. The public facing parts of this private work is captured in an article Stephen wrote for IT World in January 2017, “ Top CEOs and futurists on the future of financial services and technology”, a rare public video from January 2017 private CEO summit, where Stephen provides his foresight insights to questions. The President and chair of the CEOs technology group introduces Stephen, “Introduce Stephen Ibaraki. Stephen is the entrepreneur and chairman of the Fintech Ideas Festival, a tremendous help and a lot of the people are here today came through Steve’s connections and his work in the industry. Steve’s has a fantastic executive leadership career, distinguished advisor for startups and global fortune 500 companies and governments specifically on strategy, most recently organizing the current AI for Good Summit in Geneva in June 2017 with the United Nations ITU and XPRIZE.” There is a joint article written for the CEOs which also appeared with the United Nations in 2017, “Trending: AI in finance” by Stephen Ibaraki, founding chairman FSR technology advisory council and Hari Gopalkrishnan, managing director, platforms and technology Bank of America. Article from Forbes in 2019: Is Financial Services Ready For Broad 5th Machine Age Technology Adoption?
  • Founding chair YPO Impact Advisory Board and YPO EU Impact Summit Advisory Board, creating workable business solutions for the world’s largest opportunities/challenges and focused on purposeful leadership / business / capital & investments / innovation. YPO: 33K CEOs, US $9 Trillion annual revenue across 145 countries. With work underway since May 2019, the first summit Oct 2020 and continuing as chair impact advisory board with first global impact summit (YPOGIS2023 in Feb 2023) and continuing in 2024;
  • Recipient of 20 Microsoft Global Awards (17 MVP Awards), with six years 2018-2023 in AI with the world’s largest and top corporation in technology and advising Microsoft under NDA since the 1970s, recognizing decades of lifetime achievement, global–leadership, entrepreneurship, investments, disruptive innovation; and
  • Contributor to Forbes / Cognitive World and IT World Canada on leading new investments, innovation, entrepreneurship.

More here on lifetime achievement for innovation, investments, entrepreneurship as CIPS Founding Fellow and in LinkedIn.