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Mr. Sasha Faris

President & Founder, First Track

Sasha Faris has been immersed in real estate his entire life. Having grown up in one of Vancouver’s established real estate families, he understood the importance of building community and the foundations of thoughtful development from an early age.

He joined his family at Intergulf, further enmeshing himself in the industry. When the time came to forge his own intrepid real estate path, he founded First Track, building upon a legacy of excellence in Sasha’s unique and creative way.

He’s always had a drive to do things differently, to push the limits of what’s possible — like the time he pursued a dream to be an Olympic speed skater. During his 15 years within the industry, he has contributed to the completion of 3,500 homes and managed over $500 million in investments.

Now, with his own family, he strives to create a better city for his two sons and teach them the merits of community.